Same-Sex Marriage Debate is Online

Mohamed T. Al-Darsani, Fr. Michael Orsi, Phil Colesanti, Dean Jose Gabilondo

If you missed the Federalist Society’s Same-Sex Marriage Debate between Dean Jose Gabilondo and Father Michael Orsi, or you just want, need to watch it again, you can now download it free from ItunesU. (Go to ItunesU)

The debate over same-sex marriage was held at the Florida International University College of Law.  The specific topic of debate was Whether Same-Sex Marriage Conflicts with Societal Values and Religious Liberties? Arguing in the affirmative was Father Michael Orsi.  Arguing in the negative was Dean Jose Gabilondo, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law at FIU College of Law.

Father Orsi and Dean Gabilondo did outstanding jobs articulating their positions. With 179 people in attendance, this debate was our student chapter’s most succesful event to date.  Please let us know what you thought about the debate and give us feedback as to how we can improve our events for the future.


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